22mm Nylon Bimini Fittings

Listed Below are the standard Nylon Bimini Fittings.
If the fitting is not listed here, a Stainless Option may be listed in the 22mm Stainless Handrail System.
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£ 3.48 Inc. VAT
White Nylon Fork for 22mm Aluminium Tube
(Code: SM4637703)
£ 2.28 Inc. VAT
White Nylon End Eye for 22mm Aluminium Tube
(Code: SM4637713)
£ 7.20 Inc. VAT
White Nylon 180∞ Hinge Joint for 20mm Tube Dia
(Code: SM4662900)
£ 1.90 Inc. VAT
Bottom Part of the Pivot Base Assemble Nylon Pin
(Code: SM4663100)