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22mm Stainless Bimini Fittings

If the fitting you are look for is not listed in this category.
It may be with the 22mm Tube Fittings. Click Link to view > 22mm Tube Fittings   
(Code: SM4666100)
Boat Handrail 22mm Slide Fork with Screw
£ 6.07 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4697800)
Boat Handrail 22mm Sliding Clamp Over with Fork
£ 12.19 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4697801)
Boat Handrail 22mm Clamp Over Fork Drop Nose Pin
£ 10.69 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4633022)
Boat Handrail 22mm Hinged Joint
£ 10.66 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4842036)
Boat Handrail 22mm Jointing Tube 150mm
£ 13.32 Inc. VAT