DMFIT 12mm Quick-Fit Water System

12mm Quick-Fit Fresh Water System.
12mm Pipe System. Instant snap-in connection with a safety locking system.
Safety Clips included with each DMFIT fitting.
Fully re-usable joints, made of non-toxic high resistant alimentary plastic and semi-rigid polyethylene pipe.

Ideal for Boats, Campers & Caravans.
£ 1.12 Inc. VAT
12mm  Dia, BLUE Polyethylene Pipe
(Code: SM1711226)
£ 1.12 Inc. VAT
12mm  Dia, RED Polyethylene Pipe
(Code: SM1711225)
£ 1.75 Inc. VAT
Elbow 90° female-female.12mm Quick Fit
(Code: SM1711102)
£ 0.22 Inc. VAT
Safety Clip. Quick Fit
(Code: SM1711135)
£ 1.80 Inc. VAT
Tee 90° female.12mm Quick Fit
(Code: SM1711103)
£ 1.78 Inc. VAT
Y joint female,12mm Quick Fit.
(Code: SM1711110)
£ 5.26 Inc. VAT
Lever Tap, female + female 12mm Quick Fit.
(Code: SM1711119)
£ 1.91 Inc. VAT
12mm Joint Cylinder to male 3/8''.12mm Quick Fit
(Code: SM1711108)
£ 2.00 Inc. VAT
Joint female + female size 3/8''.12mm Quick Fit
(Code: SM1711104)
£ 2.16 Inc. VAT
Joint female + female 1/2'' BSP.12mm Quick Fit
(Code: SM1711105)
£ 1.45 Inc. VAT
Joint female + male 3/8''.12mm Quick Fit
(Code: SM1711106)
£ 1.54 Inc. VAT
Joint female + male 1/2'' BSP.12mm Quick Fit
(Code: SM1711107)
£ 1.61 Inc. VAT
Connecting sleeve female-female. Quick Fit
(Code: SM1711101)